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Light Guide Plate

* Provide the total solution of LGP module for Edge-Lit fixture application.
* Customized optical pattern design on the LGP (Light Guide Plate/ Light Guide Panel) per different plate size, which can reach the best light guide & light effect performance.
light guide plate LGP
SpecificationMaterialThicknessPlate SizeLGP ShapeLight Input Side
Available Spec. PMMA
4 mm
3 mm
2 mm
 No Limit
Customized size is discussable
* Square
* Rectangle
* Circular
(any customized shape is acceptable)
* 2 sides light input
* 4 sides light input
* 1 Single side light input

Edge-Lit Basic Struction & Each Component:

double matte diffuser plate for light guide plate
Diffuser Plate (Top)
PMMA edge lit light guide plate
Light Guide Plate (Middle)
optical reflector
White Reflector (Bottom)

Recommended Components:

ProductsModel NameProduct FeatureMore Product Info
Diffuser Plate PA-75S2 Special double Matte pattern design, to avoid dark shadow & Newton Ring effect click Link
White Reflector E6SJ LED/ LCD TV Back Light Optical Grade Reflector, High Reflection Ratio >96% click Link

More Product Photos:

edge lit light guide plate 3mm 4mm laser LGP
side light edge light panel printing LGP
circle pmma light guide plate extrusion heat pressing LGP
pmma LGP 3mm light guide plate light effect
circle LGP pmma light guide plate light effect


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