Pyramid (Prism) Diffuser Sheet for YONGTEK CO., LTD.

Pyramid (Prism) Diffuser Sheet


Pyramid Micro-Structure Diffuser Sheet Light Diffuser (B Series)

* Unique pattern structure design fluorescent light cover to efficiently diffuse the light and avoid LED hot spot problem.

pyramid diffuser plate UGR 19
prismatic diffuser sheet
yongtek pyramid diffuser UGR 19 LED light difffuser
opal prismatic diffuser sheet LED light diffuser
Model NameThicknessLight TransmittanceRecommended Application & Model Features
PA-00B 1.5 mm
1.8 mm
95% * downlight | high light transmittance  * 1.5mm thickness availabe for edge-lit use
* reduce UGR <19 for direct light or edge-lit fixture (UGR Link)
PA-92B 1.8 mm 92% * downlight | reduce LED hot spot
* troffer | high light transmittance
PA-90B 1.8 mm 87% * troffer & direct panel light
* best balance between light transmittance & light diffusion
PA-80B 1.8 mm 76% * hidding off LED hot spot
* troffer & direct panel light
SpecificationThicknessPlate SizeCutting ServiceMaterialMOQLead Time
Standard Spec. 1.8 mm  1220 x 1220 mm Any size and shape within 1220x1220mm PS None 1~2 weeks
1.5 ~ 6 mm  Max. Width: 1220mm
Length: No Limit
Any size and shape within customized plate size PS
3 Tons 3~6 weeks

Light Effect:

PA-00B diffuser light effect
PA-92B prismatic light effect
PA-90B pyramid diffuser light effect
PA-80B yongtek diffuser sheet light effect


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