Decorative Sky Ceiling Panel for YONGTEK CO., LTD.

Decorative Sky Ceiling Panel

* Customized beautiful & colorful sky ceiling panel, which creates your own personal ceiling light.
* Creative pattern & picture design that replaces traditional diffuser plate, and also can reduce harsh glare.
* Any customized panel size, picure pattern are all available. Easy installation.
* Suitable install in office, hospital, retail store, resturant, conference room, home use, etc.
Decoration ceiling light diffuser
Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers
Sky Ceiling diffuser
Decoration LED panel light
SpecificationMaterialFeaturePattern & PicturePlate ZiseThicknessLead Time
PS Good dimension stability all customize per request size within 1220 x 1220mm are all availabe 1.5 mm 1~3 weeks
PMMA UV Resistance
Good Transmittance
1.8 mm 1~3 weeks

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Sky decoration LED panel light
Virtual ceiling light
Decorative Fluorescent diffuser
Decoration ceiling light diffuser


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