Linear (Fresnel) Diffuser Sheet for YONGTEK CO., LTD.

Linear (Fresnel) Diffuser Sheet

Linear (Fresnel) Micro-Structure Diffuser Sheet Light Diffuser (A Series)

* Fresnel micro-structure design light diffuser panel is very suitable for straight line light source.
* When using LED light bar source, it will create wave or linear light effect by placing diffuser plate in 0 or 90 degree direction.
UGR linear diffuser sheet
fresnel plastic sheet
yongtek linear opal plate LED light diffuser
UGR 19 fresnel milky diffuser plate LED light diffuser
Model NameThicknessLight TransmittanceRecommended Application & Model Features
PA-00A 1.5 mm 90% * transparent, high light transmittance |  decrease UGR value
* pattern design is also used in LCD TV product
PA-90A 1.5 mm 90% * opal/ milky white, able to diffuse the LED hot spot
* hiding off LED hot spot
PA-90AS 1.5 mm 90% * one side Linear, one side Matte pattern design
* suitable for LGP edge-lit application to avoid dark shadow or Newton Ring
** Above 3 models all can help to decrease UGR <19, get more info from (UGR Link) **
SpecificationThicknessPlate SizeCutting ServiceMaterialMOQLead Time
Standard Spec. 1.5 mm  1220 x 1220 mm Any size and shape within 1220x1220mm PS None 1~2 weeks
1.5 ~ 6 mm  Max. Width: 1220mm
Length: No Limit
Any size and shape within customized plate size PS
3 Tons 3~6 weeks

Light Effect:

PA-00A linear clear light effect
PA-90A milky linear light effect
PA-90AS yongtek fresnel diffuser light effect


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