Light Enhancement/ Multi-Function Film for YONGTEK CO., LTD.

Light Enhancement/ Multi-Function Film

Optical Brightness Enhancement Film

* Optical grade film to enhance & focus the light.
* Combines two functions of brightness enhancement and diffusion effect.

pet light enhancement film
pet bright enhancement film
pet multi-function film
ItemModel NameThicknessBrightness
MaterialRecommended Application & Model Features
Light Enhancement Film LEF-510 0.277 mm 1.5 * PET * improves optical performance
* enhance brightness
Multi-Function Film MF-610 0.287 mm 1.45 * PET * combines two functions of brightness enhancement and diffusion effect.
* anti-scratch and diffusion coating  * help to reduce UGR <19
SpecificationMaterialThicknessSheet SizeCutting ServiceMOQLead Time
Standard Spec. PET 0.277 mm
0.287 mm
 Width: 1280mm
Length: 1000 meters
* Any size and shape within 900mm x 1000M
* Packed in Roll or Cut by sheet are all available
None 1 ~ 2 weeks


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