Double Matte Diffuser Sheet for YONGTEK CO., LTD.

Double Matte Diffuser Sheet

Double Matte Structure Diffuser Sheet Fixture Cover (S2 Series)

* Special Double Matte pattern design light diffuser to avoid dark shadow or undesired Newton Ring effect while applying for LGP.
* Double-sided fine Matte design light diffuser improves light dispersion. Good anti-scratch property and not easy to get stained or dirty.
yongtek matte diffuser sheet
frosted diffuser plate LED light diffuser
opal plastic sheet LED light diffuser
milky diffuser sheet
Model NameMaterialThicknessLight TransmittanceRecommended Application & Model Features
PA-92S2 PS 1.5 mm 91% * double Matte pattern, suitable to apply for LGP to avoid dark shadow problem
* higher light transmittance to make the fixture looks brighter
PA-75S2 PS 1.2 mm
1.5 mm
74% * most recommend diffuser plate model to apply for LGP module (LGP Module Link)
* 1.2mm thickness available, for slimmer fixture design, cheaper cost
PA-65S2 PS 1.5 mm 63% * lower light transmittance design with better light uniformity
* Hiding Off LED Hot Spot
PA-55S2 PS 1.5 mm 57% * lowest light transmittance design with best light uniformity
* Hiding Off LED Hot Spot
PAA-00S PMMA 1.8 mm 92% * good UV resistance
* good high light transmittance acrylic sheet, good for circular downlight use
PAA-85S2K PMMA 1.5 mm
1.8 mm
85% * good UV resistance acrylic sheet | good light diffusion effect
* 1.5mm slim thickness design for economical choice
SpecificationThicknessPlate SizeCutting ServiceMaterialMOQLead Time
Standard Spec. 1.5 mm
1.8 mm
 1200 x 1200 mm Any size and shape within 1200x1200mm PS
None 1~2 weeks
1.2 ~ 6 mm  Max. Width: 1220mm
Length: No Limit
Any size and shape within customized plate size PS
3 Tons 3~6 weeks

Light Effect:

PA-92S2K yongtek diffuser light effect
PA-75S2K double matte diffuser light effect
PA-65S2K milky diffuser sheet light effect
PA-55S2K opal matte plastic plate light effect


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